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What sets us apart from other painting companies:
Is our 21 step process ..........

The main two being the sanding and cleaning stage. 
We sand every square inch of trims by hand, then clean
everything off with an air hose. 

once complete. 
Our prep work is extremely meticulous.

As Owners we are always hands on, on all all jobs sites!


and Online Advice

-- When choosing colors for trims and crown
   (especially around cabinetry), it is best to get a
   colour that matches the cabinets, it will tie everything
   together nicely.

-- Pole sand walls between finish coats.

-- Use a small artists brush to paint those hard to reach areas.


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-- Ask us for Colour Matches, swatches and advice
   we will be glad to assist.


Finishes & Sheen



Interior Painting

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Our Projects

We have multiple custom projects on the go

Projects ranging from 5,000 sq ft to 12,000 sq. ft custom homes, which require a level 5 finish on the trims.

another one of our projects

One of our favorite projects is this 11,600 sq. foot custom built mansion in South Surrey. This house is full of wainscotting, coffered ceilings, crown moulding and custom fire places, which are all spray finish. We are at the tail end of this project, with only minor touch ups remaining, the customer is very excited to move in for Christmas! This picture shows one of our employees prepping just one of the many ceiling features in this home.

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We are not finished until our client is 100% satisfied

We provide professional paint services for : re-paints, new builds, custom jobs, exterior, commercial and everything in between.


to Integrity Painting Techniques

Trevor Gregoire, Owner/Operator

Owner Operator since 2010

Our story: We started integrity painting techniques through word of mouth, and because of those recommendations and referrals, we were able to focus on expanding to custom homes, which lead to larger projects.

While working hard on one of our projects, a builder was actually driving by while we were out side having lunch, he approached us and asked for permission to check out the work, once he came in, he immediately requested us to submit an estimate on a 12,500 sq. Ft. custom home they were in the process of building. 

At the time this was the largest home we have ever done! Since then all the projects we were awarded were by word of mouth, sub-trades recommending us, and even friends of the home owners just their to check out the work.

Why You should choose us

  • Quality and Superior Workmanship
  • We hire Professional Painters and Guide them to Our Superior Standards
  • We have a Reputation that is Excellent and we are extremely reliable
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Our Crew is totally Insured
  • Our Quotations are Accurate and never overprices. 
  • We provide Full Warranty on our workmanship